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Defining educational goals is a process which involves identifying objectives, selecting attainable short-term goals and formulating a plan for attaining these goals. Educational goals are different for each individual.


To creating a goal list, start by determining life goals, then break the bigger goals into smaller steps and write down the short term goals that will help you take those steps. Other steps include re-evaluating the goals and adjusting them periodically as needed.


Building leadership skills and communication skills are common educational goals for students. Gaining an entry-level job in a particular employment field is a common career objective. Building an effective work-life balance that leads to personal satisfaction and a hig...


The goal of science as a collective is to produce explanations for the natural world, including how it works, its makeup, and how it came to exist in its current state, according to the University of Berkeley. These goals span a variety of scientific disciplines from as...


Typical educational goals for elementary school students include reading, counting, shapes and mathematical operations. These goals are based on the Common Core State Standards Initiative lists.


Examples of work goals include a data entry employee increasing his typing speed or a customer service representative reducing his average call time. Types of work goals include productivity goals, efficiency goals, educational goals and behavioral goals. Either the emp...


One of the best ways to make employees fully aware of what is expected of them is to use a system known as SMART goals. The acronym is taken from the five qualities the set of goals should possess. They should be specific, measurable, agreed-upon, realistic and time-cir...