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Computer specialist careers such as web design or technical support are among the highest-paying vocational careers that typically do not require a 4-year degree and accept vocational training instead, according to Insider Monkey. Individuals who want to work as computer specialists can earn a certi


Trade schools offer career training programs in a wide variety of fields such as skilled trades, health care, business, automotive schooling and culinary arts. Other career fields with training in trade schools include arts and design, media and digital arts, beauty and cosmetology, legal and crimin


Some popular careers that one can train for at a trade school include positions as a hairstylist, automotive technician, medical assistant, computer technician, truck driver, dental hygienist, first-line supervisor of correctional officers, engineering technician or first-line supervisor of firefigh


According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the most common job in the United States varies by state, with the labor category that includes truck drivers, delivery drivers and tractor drivers providing the most common job in more than half of the states. Primary school teachers have the most comm


"Careering" is a gerund that means to move along quickly or to go forward at full speed. The word is often confused with "careening," which means to sway or tip to one side.


Different types of trade schools are welding, construction, health care, electrical repair, HRVAC, culinary arts, mechanical repair and computer technology. Trade schools are also known as vocational schools or technical schools. They offer students a series of courses that focus on learning the ski


Options trading is the act of buying and selling option contracts. Options are financial instruments whereby the seller gives the buyer the right to buy or sell a predetermined number of shares at a specified price within an established time period.


The word career refers to a person's chosen profession or occupation. A career often requires special training and comes with some expectation of progress throughout the course of an individual's life.


Some different types of art careers include graphic design and illustration. There are also broader categories with multiple jobs in each, such as being a landscape architect, commercial building architect or industrial architect.


The site Educating Engineers lists 14 types of engineers working in diverse fields, including aerospace, marine, automotive, mechanical and civil. Other engineering careers are geology, petroleum, environmental and drafting and design. Engineers also work in the fields of chemistry, biomedics, agric