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Crustaceans (Crustacea / k r ʌ ˈ s t eɪ ʃ ə /) form a large, diverse arthropod taxon which includes such familiar animals as crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimp, krill, woodlice, and barnacles. The crustacean group is usually treated as a subphylum, and because of recent molecular studies it is now well accepted that the crustacean group is paraphyletic, and comprises all animals in the ...


Crustacean, any member of the subphylum Crustacea (phylum Arthropoda), a group of invertebrate animals consisting of some 45,000 species distributed worldwide.Crabs, lobsters, shrimps, and wood lice are among the best-known crustaceans, but the group also includes an enormous variety of other forms without popular names.


A shrimp, also called a prawn in many countries, is a sea creature that usually grows to a few inches long. They are a very popular food, and can be eaten boiled, fried, barbequed and many other ways, plain or with a sauce. They are quite often cooked whole and you have to remove the head, legs and other inedible parts yourself.


In 1983, the state of Louisiana designated the Louisiana crawfish, Procambarus clarkii, as their state crustacean. The native range of P. clarkii is along the Gulf Coast from northern Mexico to the Florida panhandle, as well as inland, to southern Illinois and Ohio. It is most commonly found in warm fresh water, such as slowly flowing rivers, marshes, reservoirs, irrigation systems and rice ...


CRUSTACEAN SPECIES Click on a link below to jump directly to a specific crustacean category: Amphipods Barnacles Copepods Crabs Hermit Crabs Isopods Lobsters Mantis Shrimp Mussel Shrimp Mysids Sea Spiders Shrimp. Video of Sanctuary Invertebrates - This includes a variety of crustaceans, mollusks, echinoderms, and worms. Amphipod List


Also known as Crustaceans, Crinoid Shrimp, Commensal Crinoid Shrimp, Whip Coral Shrimp, Barred Wire Coral Shrimp, Spiderman Shrimp. Found in the branches of black/whip coral. Highly variable in colour.. more Read more


barnacle any of various marine crustaceans of the subclass Cirripedia that, as adults, live attached to rocks, ship bottoms, etc. They have feathery food-catching cirri protruding from a hard shell crab any chiefly marine decapod crustacean of the genus Cancer and related genera (section Brachyura), having a broad flattened carapace covering the cephalothorax, beneath which is folded the abdomen.


What is a crustacean? Learn about crustaceans, who are arguably some of the most important marine life to humans. What is a crustacean? Learn about crustaceans, who are arguably some of the most important marine life to humans. Menu. Home. What Is a Crustacean? Search. Search the site GO. Animals and Nature.


In this case Metapenaeus endeavouri should be cancelled from this list. * The production of 12,500 t reported (FAO, 1996) by Viet Nam under the item "Freshwater crustaceans not identified" should belong to Macrobrachium rosenbergii which is the most important freshwater crustacean cultivated in Vietnam (Lin and Lee, 1992, Hung, 1992).


Crustaceans include commonly-known marine life such as crabs, lobsters, barnacles, and shrimp. These animals are in the Phylum Arthropoda (the same phylum as insects) and Subphylum Crustacea. According to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, there are over 52,000 species of crustaceans.