Computer output devices translate the code into forms the user can understand. Output devices are essential in order to use a computer since, without them, it is impossible to view the programs. Monitors and printers are... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Examples of computer output devices include a display monitor, speakers, headphones, and a printer. Other common output devices include a projector, sound card, video card or television. To be considered a computer outpu... More »

Some input devices for physically challenged computer users include specialized keyboards, mice that are operated only with a thumb, voice recognition software and tools that provide keyboard and mouse input via blowing ... More »

Computer peripherals are devices that generally attach to a computer externally and are not completely necessary to the computer's core functions. Some examples of peripherals are mice, scanners, printers and speakers. More »

The four main components of a computer system are input devices, output devices, processing devices and the storage devices used to store data within the computer system. These are the hardware components of a computer s... More »

Computer processing devices are used to process data using program instructions, manipulate functions, perform calculations and control other hardware devices. They play an important part in the processing operations of ... More »

Computer input devices are external devices used to send task-specific information to computers. Such devices provide an interface between the user and the computer and are used to perform different functions. Common exa... More »