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This is a list of intentional communities.For directories, see external links below.


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A list of American Utopian communities. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. (August 2013) 1800s. Name Location Founder Founding date Ending date Notes Old Economy Village: Pennsylvania George Rapp: 1824 1906 A Harmonites Village. The Harmony Society is a Christian theosophy and ...


These 10 intentional communities, from utopian eco-villages to cute historic houses in urban Los Angeles, bring people together with common goals of harmonic living, artistic exploration and ...


This unregulated California commune is widely known as “the last free place in America” (Photos) The Plaid Zebra February 1, 2015. 4 . 0 Shares 0 0 0 0. BY: TED BARNABY. Welcome to Slab City, widely known as “the last free place in America.” ...


There are over 2,000 documented active communes in the United States. Communal groups dedicated to causes ranging from feminism to Buddhism to white racism to attending concerts by "hippie bands" were functioning in every state.


The professors and TFs I have had are all really friendly and accessible, and there is an endless list of classes that I want to take. Conversations with peers are really thought-provoking and deep. You can find so many great communities through different activities, and there are so many great people on campus.


Off-the-grid communities: 5 places carving a sustainable path Learn about places around the U.S. where people live independent of any utility connections in self-sufficient villages.


To help you know for sure whether your city is a place where people still leave their doors unlocked (don’t do that!) or if it’s a bit more crime-riddled than you thought, we’ve identified the 100 safest cities in America.


Introduction and directory of a wide variety of ideas and projects that help create stronger, healthier community. Including ecovillages, cohousing, intentional community and cooperatives.