Endmemo, About.com and Convertunits.com all have lists of chemical formulas. Chemistry for Kids also has a list of chemical formulas on its website as well as a simple explanation of how to name chemical formulas. More »

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According to the University of Waterloo, chemical formulas are categorized into empirical, molecular and structural formulas, which display the chemical of interest in distinct ways. Empirical formulas use the ratio of a... More »

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The soft drink Sprite, manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company, is a solution rather than a chemical compound; this means it doesn't have a chemical formula. Sprite has a list of ingredients that have their own chemical fo... More »

The molecular formulas of compounds express the number and type of atoms that make up one molecule of the compound. For example, the molecular formula of table salt, or sodium chloride, is NaCl. This means table salt has... More »

In chemistry, the criss-cross method is a way to write the formulas of ionic compounds. The criss-cross method makes it easier to determine the subscripts for each element in an ionic compound. More »

Find the glycemic index of certain vegetables by viewing lists of foods compiled by such sources as Harvard Medical School and About.com. Search the glycemic index for specific foods by inputting a food name into the dat... More »

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One example of a chemical change is the rusting of iron. An additional example is the digestion of food by the body. A chemical change is an irreversible change that involves reactants and the creation of new products. More »

www.reference.com Science Chemistry Chemical Equations