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New parents can find free baby items secondhand on online classified sites, as samples from manufacturers, as gifts from friends and family, when signing up for registries or mailing lists at retailers, and from other parents who no longer need the items. Parents should carefully inspect used items


Websites such as Craigslist and Freecycle let users post items they wish to give away for free. Freecycle is designed especially for these transactions. Both sites allow users to list items as classified ads; however, each has a different process for user registration and item listing.


Sort purchases for mother and baby into categories, and buy the most important items in each category or whatever fits most comfortably into a budget rather than compiling a single exhaustive list. This reduces the chances of overlooking a vital purchase. Possible categories include bathing and diap


Some basic items needed for baby care include feeding bottles, hand sanitizers, baby soap, baby pain relievers, baby food and blankets. Planning for baby care should ideally begin as soon as the mother finds out she is pregnant.


Ideas for baby names are available online at websites such as BabyNames.com and BabyNameGuide.com. Each website works differently, but it's often possible to search on different types of names and to check the popularity of a particular name.


Some collectible items include baseball cards, rare books, old coins, toys, comic books, art, stamps, fine wine, wooden antiques, fine china, jewelry or precious metals, and time pieces. In general, anything can be collected.


Items to include on a baby gift registry include crib bedding, a diaper bag, toys, nursing pillows and a stroller. Mothers should register with one or two retailers that have all the items she wants.


Some online lists of baby name ideas are Classic Baby Names, International Baby Names, Historic Names, Celebrity Names and Unisex Baby Names from Nameberry. Other baby name lists include Popular Names, French Names and English Names from Behind The Name. These lists can inspire parents during the ba


MomsWhoThink.com, BabyNames.com and Parents all offer lists of baby girl names. Those searching for the perfect baby girl name may sort by varied criteria, such as popularity or alphabetically.


Nameberry.com lists the top 1,000 baby girl names for 2014. Parents.com offers a database of the top 100 baby girl names from the U.S. Social Security Administration. The database contains the top names for every year since 1880, but only up to 2013, as of October 2015.