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Strategy is important to make decisions, conduct operations, attract customers, compete successfully and attain organization's goals. Creating a strategic plan is crucial regardless of the size of the organization. A good strategy helps yo create a foundation for ensuring growth and success.


Impact assessment is divided into two parts: impact forecasting or prediction and impact evaluation. The entire process includes characterizing the most likely effects of planned policies or interventions meant to address a problem and analyses of total impact of such actions. Impact assessment is a


A risk assessment form is an organized way of evaluating workplace environments and implementing competent safety procedures, reports Healthy Working Lives. This includes assessing what could go wrong, preventing loss, reducing damage and decreasing workplace injury.


Types of product strategies include product positioning, re-positioning, overlap, scope, design, elimination and diversification. Additionally, companies can compete by bringing entirely new products to market or offering a superior value on existing products. Important considerations when selecting


"StarCraft 2" and "Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War" are good strategy games, according to PC Games N. Both games feature multiplayer action and single-player campaigns.


Management strategies involve the creation and implementation of strategies and initiatives that help provide direction to an organization's staff and are essential in helping companies maintain a competitive edge. Management strategy initiatives analyze the internal and external strengths and weakn


Business strategy is important because it drives the company forward and helps entrepreneurs achieve their vision, according to David DeWolf, the founder and CEO of 3Pillar Global. Strategic initiatives fuel the business and help entrepreneurs balance their consistent progress.


Educational assessment tools include rubrics, graphic organizers, portfolios, feedback tools and discussion tools. Some educational tools help schools evaluate student performance, while others permit self evaluations of student performance. Instructors use educational assessment tools to guide stud


Risk management tools are different procedures and tutorials put together to assist an organization in making informed decisions regarding their risk management procedures, the University of California explains. Risk management helps an organization identify, assess, manage and prioritize different


The primary purpose of risk assessment is to evaluate the consequences if a business investment or action fails. Company leaders typically want to avoid new investments or projects when the threats are catastrophic or when they outweigh potential rewards, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.