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Roman currency for most of Roman history consisted of gold, silver, bronze, orichalcum and copper coinage (see: Roman metallurgy).From its introduction to the Republic, during the third century BC, well into Imperial times, Roman currency saw many changes in form, denomination, and composition. A persistent feature was the inflationary debasement and replacement of coins over the centuries.


list of Roman Mints and mint marks. Return to Home Page. Photo credit: me. Library of Hadrian, Ephesos. Tom's Ancient Coins - Coins of Greek, Roman, and other early cultures Complete list of Roman Emperors A printable checklist for keeping track of your emperors. list of Roman Mints and mint marks ...


Roman coins were minted in bronze, silver and gold. Throughout the years, the values of coins have fluctuated with inflation and intentional debasing. Emperors sometimes instituted new denominations of coins, while others were replaced or simply fell out of circulation. The base bronze coin was the As, the base silver ...


I'm trying to find a list of Roman Imperial Coins that were used around 0 CE/AD. Most of the my searches turn up lots of shopping pages. After sorting through tons of listings, I can find lists that have Roman and Greek coins, but either the pages have no information to differentiate between Roman vs Greek, or they have no year placement.


Coins from Ancient Rome are incredibly popular today. They were struck primarily in gold, silver, and bronze and oftentimes depict the emperor who was in power when the coins were issued. Coins of the Roman empire can vary widely in price and quality, offering collectors lots of options.


Guide to Ancient Roman Coinage. Like coinage of today, Ancient Rome's coins represented portions of larger denominations. The As, the basic unit, functioned like our penny.And like our penny, through inflation it experienced a loss of buying power.


The history of these ancient and medieval Gold coins will provide lasting value to your Precious Metals portfolio. You can own a rare Gold coin struck as early as 344 BC and coins struck in the midst of the Byzantine reign of Rome. The journey of some of these rare Gold coins has seen over 2000 years of history.


Roman coins for sale.Trebonianus Gallus, June or July 251 - July or August 253 A.D., Alexandria Troas, Troas The representation of the decurions of Alexandria depicted on the reverse of this type is unique within the Roman provincial series. The decurions were members of municipal senates responsible for procuring funds for new public works, festivities and games, as well as for welfare networks.


Spanish-American coins- unofficial Playing cards - 1685-1760s, sometimes officially New France 15 and a 30-deniers coin known as the mousquetaire - early 17th Century New France


Collecting Ancient Roman Coins,Depending on the money you have, you can collect only a particular type of coins. For example silver denarii. The bronze sestetius is also an attractive option, due to its large dimensions (usually 27 gr. and around 25-35 mm