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Democratic socialism combines the belief that countries should be democratically controlled with the thinking that wealth should be shared and collectively controlled. Although democratic socialism is often confused with socialist democracy, the two are distinct. Socialist democracies include Nordic


As of 2014, there are no countries that have pure socialism, which is actually an economic system and not a form of government. The former Soviet Union is the best example of true socialism, while China, North Korea and Cuba are the three modern countries with the most socialist economies.


Socialists believe in an economic system that promotes common property ownership and a political hierarchy government. Under socialism, people in positions of authority make the decisions for the collective group, according to About.com. Although far less intrusive, socialism is often confused with


Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, is not a socialist. While varying theories and approaches exist among socialists, all of them advocate for some form of social or state ownership over the means of production. Obama proposes none of this.


The Socialist Party of America resulted from the merger of the Social Democratic Party of America with the “Kangaroo” faction of the Socialist Labor Party in 1901. The party initially gained widespread support, especially among working-class immigrants, but began losing large portions of its members


The socialist part holds a number of beliefs with some being taxing the rich, promoting democracy, equal rights for all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality or religion, use of alternative energy and peaceful coexistence of all states. People who subscribe to socialist parties across the wor


Some of the disadvantages of a socialist economy include less competition, reduced incentive to work and reduced prosperity. Socialism is a system that emphasizes cooperative economic management and state ownership of the means of production.


The United States, Canada, Australia, Barbados, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Jamaica, Peru, Chile, Sweden, Switzerland, Panama, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Romania, Turkey and Portugal are all examples of capitalist countries. However, the degree of capitalism varies by country.


Some websites that have a list of all the countries in the world are InfoPlease.com, State.gov, ProjectVisa.com and NationsOnline.org. There are 196 countries in the world as of November 2015, although some sources differ on whether regions such as Palestine, Pitcairn Island and Taiwan count as offi


As of 2015, there are only four countries in the world that formally identify themselves as socialist: China, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos. There is no formal criteria for socialist classification, however, and there is great debate about other nations with governments that closely embrace socialist pract