, and Parents all offer lists of baby girl names. Those searching for the perfect baby girl name may sort by varied criteria, such as popularity or alphabetically. More » Education

The books "Baby Names for Girls" by James Dalby, "Baby Girl Names: For 2015" by Hannah Crawford and "Baby Names for Girls That Really Rock" by Louise Nolan all list baby girls' names and their origins and meanings. These... More » Art & Literature Literature Non-fiction

Parents can find names for baby girls by searching naming idea sites, such as, or by reading books on baby names, such as “The Stork’s Big Book of Baby Names” by Dominique Atkinson and “The Complete Book of... More »

A list of the most popular baby girl names of 2014 can be found on the BabyCenter website. The website releases annual lists of the most popular names for both baby girls and boys. More » Education

Some unique baby girl names include Zuri, Yvette, Marisole, Joslyn and Seraphina. Other names that appear on the United States Social Security Administration's list of popular names but are not among the most frequently ... More » Education

Examples of Chinese girls' names are Bi, Chan, Feng, Hua, Jiao and Lan. Bi translates to green jade, Chan means beautiful or graceful girl and Feng means phoenix. Hua is the Chinese word for flower, Jiao is charming and ... More » Education

Some creative ways to choose a name for a baby girl include looking into your genealogical history, finding inspiration in nature and considering names from past eras. Parents can also look to landmarks, geographical pla... More » Education