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This is a list of operating systems.Computer operating systems can be categorized by technology, ownership, licensing, working state, usage, and by many other characteristics. In practice, many of these groupings may overlap. Criteria for inclusion is notability, as shown either through an existing Wikipedia article or citation to a reliable source.


Alliant Computer Systems - Ceased operations in 1992. Altos Computer Systems - acquired by Acer in 1990. Amdahl Corporation - A wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu since 1997. Amstrad; Apollo Computer - Acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 1989. Apricot Computers - ceased operations in 1999. Ardent Computer - Merged with Stellar Computer to form ...


Operating system types. As computers have progressed and developed, so have their operating systems. Below is a basic list of the categories of operating systems and a few examples of operating systems that fall into each of these categories. Many computer operating systems will fall into more than one of the below types.


Computer systems may be classified into the following groups: 1 - The supercomputers are extremely fast computers that are used in scientific research for their ability to do large amount of calculations and store large amount of data. One use of these computers is weather forecast because of the large amount of calculations involved.


Homebrew Computer Club; Homebuilt computer; List of home computers by video hardware classified by video interface; List of computers running CP/M contains a list of personal computers running CP/M. These were usually intended for small office use. List of Soviet computer systems includes many "home" systems as well as office and "big iron ...


There are many types of computer systems; however, the top ten (10) are PC (i.e. computers that operate Windows or Mac), desktops (not built for portability), laptops (built for portability ...


An operating system is the software that supports and manages a computer’s basic functions. Although there are many different operating systems, most employers use either Windows or MacOS. If you have more experience in one or the other, it may be helpful to spend some time learning the basics of the other operating system.


Computer system is defined as the combination of hardware, software, user and data. Subcategories. This category has the following 11 subcategories, out of 11 total. C Capability systems‎ (27 P)


In simplest terms, an operating system is a collection of programs that manage a computer system's internal workings— its memory, processors, devices, and file system. Mainframe operating systems are sophisticated products with substantially different characteristics and purposes.


List Scripts Skill and Languages Separately. If you are proficient in scripts and computer languages, create a separate section for this information that is away from the general computer skills information.