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Genes carry the information necessary to synthesize proteins, which are manufactured in the organelles surrounding the nucleus of a cell. Specialized sections of RNA transcribe the instructions from the genes and carry them out to the cell for production.


Genes are the complete DNA instructions for the construction of a protein. Each gene is composed of groups of three nucleotides called codons. Each codon instructs the cell to add a particular amino acid to the assembling protein.


A full list of scheduled drugs is available on the website for the Office of Diversion Control by the U.S. Department of Justice. Lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as LSD, Ritalin, methamphetamine, psilocybin and oxycodone are examples of scheduled drugs.


A DNA microchip or gene chip is a tiny chip that has many single strands of the DNA from a specific gene attached to it. Sometimes a microchip has more than one gene's DNA on it or different variations of a gene. It is used to test for gene mutations, such as the ones that are thought to be responsi


Genes are individual segments of DNA and chromosomes are structures which contain many genes packed together. Each chromosome contains one DNA molecule and each DNA molecule contains several genes or individual strands.


Each cell of a living organism contains a set of instructions that explains how to build the various components of the plant, animal, fungus or bacteria. DNA is the substance that living things use to carry these instructions. DNA groups itself in discrete clusters that supply the code for a given t


A terminator gene is a generic term used to describe the laboratory-modified genes of plants that can render the seeds of the plant sterile. It is part of a broader section of the biotechnology industry known as genetic-use-restriction technology.


A gene is a specific location on a chromosome that codes for a particular protein. Alleles are variants of a gene that determine how the protein looks.


Genes contain instructions for the making proteins. Genes are inherited from parents; each parent contributes one copy of each gene to a child. Deoxyribonucleic acid makes up genes, and genes make up chromosomes.


Blue light therapy is one treatment methodology for acne and precancerous lesions, according to Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin. The blue light kills off the bacteria inside the acne before more pimples form on the surface of the skin. Practitioners use this therapy to keep lesions from becoming