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"Trade marketing" is an area of marketing focused on driving demand of distributors and retailers for manufactured goods. Trade marketing includes trade promotions that are tailored toward these larger groups to set products apart from the competition, grow product visibility and create better purch


The best time to trade in a car for a new one is after the vehicle is several years old, when the year over year depreciation stops increasing dramatically each year. New vehicles depreciate dramatically in the first years of their life, though this gradually slows as the car ages.


Trading a car in is a relatively simple proposition that involves taking a vehicle to a dealership, agreeing to a trade-in value, and then signing some paperwork. It pays to do homework ahead of time to ensure the best value for the vehicle.


An investor can trade futures by opening and trading his own account, by opening a managed account or by joining a commodity pool. An investor who manages his own account acquires the most risk as opposed to investing in a commodity pool that has lesser risk.


A tip for trading stocks is to remember that while smaller companies involve more risks, they often offer a higher reward than the larger companies when investing. Another tip for trading stocks is to be patient because it can take years for an investment to pay off and too many new investors want t


There is a list of all ETFs traded in the USA at the website http://etfdb.com. The site lists all funds that are currently tagged by ETF Database and allows the user to view information by sector.


The trade dollar is a silver coin created by the United States Mint in 1873 to be used for trade in the Far East. Because they were largely used in China, the coins were stamped with Chinese characters on the back called "chopmarks."


Some of the most actively traded stocks of 2015 by the end of May include Bank of America, Apple, General Electric, Microsoft and Intel, according to MarketWatch. During the period, all of these stocks had an average daily volume of over 30 million shares traded, with the highest near three times th


Trade associations include the Connecticut World Trade Association, CoreNet Global, Greater Akon Chamber, Produce Marketing Association and the Taiwan Trade Center. Trade associations are developed for a group of people who work together to promote their industry or key objectives of their business.


Publicly traded companies are businesses with shares that may be distributed to the general public when purchased on the stock market. The shares are displayed on the market where they can be bought and sold by individual investors, and the companies must provide corporate financial information to t