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Styrofoam is a plastic made from petroleum, and it is also called a styrene monomer. Styrofoam is the brand name for polystyrene foam.


A Styrofoam cup keeps drinks warm because the Styrofoam offers excellent insulation, which keeps the liquid warm inside. While a Styrofoam cup can keep drinks warm, a thermos container captures heat to keep drinks hotter for longer.


One method of cutting thin sheets of Styrofoam is to use a utility or razor knife. Users have a variety of other tools from which to choose, including a serrated knife, an electric knife, dental floss or an electric hot wire cutter. Cookie cutters also work to cut throu...


Some products made out of Styrofoam include coolers, packing peanuts, insulation, mannequin parts and arts and craft products. It is 98% air, lightweight and buoyant. In 1942, the U.S. Coast Guard adopted Styrofoam for use in a six-person raft.


Styrofoam is a word used in North America to describe expanded polystyrene foam that manufacturers use to make disposable cups, packaging material and insulating containers. It is also a brand name of an extruded material, different from the material in Styrofoam cups, ...


Styrofoam, or foam #6, is usually recycled at large, central facilities following collection from decentralized drop-off sites. During recycling the foam is safely cleaned and sorted, ground into small particles, and melted into pellets that are used in other products. ...


Styrofoam works well as an insulator because it mostly consists of air confined to small pockets. These pockets hinder the convection process from carrying heat energy away from (or to) the substance inside the container.