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Fancy making DIY essential oil lip gloss?! It’s a great project to do with your kids or by yourself. What’s more is that in this recipe, you won’t be using any kind of chemicals. So get ready for all natural pretty pink pouters! Making your own lip gloss is incredibly fun! It’s not even that […]


Without the mica powder, your lip gloss will have a light beige tone It will be completely colorless when applied on your lips. Leave out the mica powder, and this easy homemade lip gloss recipe turns into a great recipe for natural lip balm. 6. Mix everything well and pour mixture into lip gloss containers. 7.


Not sure if I should be more disturbed by the synthetic chemicals I was putting on my lips all those years, or the damaging marketing message Maybelline fed me during my teen years. Either way, if my girls want lip gloss, we’ll make our own. Here’s a recipe for you… Remember when “Kissing Potion” was […]


How To Make Your Own Liquid Lip Gloss From little girls to adult women, lip-gloss is a necessary part of their beauty arsenal. Check out the makeup kit of any girl, and you are sure to find these tiny tubes of lip-gloss displayed prominently.


Creating a recipe for lip-gloss is super simple! You can change the consistency of your lip-gloss by playing with the ratios of hard butters to liquid oils. For a completely liquid lip-gloss, use liquid oils and package in roller bottles. You can formulate your own lip-gloss recipe by using the percentages below as a guide. Lip-Gloss for Pots ...


In search of a fun DIY beauty project? Homemade natural lip gloss is fun and easy to make, and there are a ton of different recipes for lip gloss which you can try out right now. What’s even better is, once you get a feel for making your own lip gloss, you can come up with your own lip gloss recipes.


A lip gloss is unlike a lip balm as well as a lipstick. The gloss is used to create a fuller and a poutier look. It gives a lustrous shine, with very little effort. It is basically a soft liquid, with fine spread quality, that comes in frosty, metallic, and mostly, clear, translucent sheers.


Honey Lip Gloss Recipe Ingredients. Organic liquid honey is made by bees, of course! There are a number of different kinds of honey but I recommend the liquid honey because it is easier to blend in a DIY lip gloss. You can experiment with different kinds and shades of honey until you find one that produces the look and feel that you love.


4. Nutrient-Rich Lip Balm . Recipe from Instructables. Yellow beeswax; Coconut oil (I recommend Dr. Bronner’s – it smells the best!) Vitamin E oil; Process: Doubling as hand salve and lip balm, this recipe calls for the mild flavoring of coconut. You make it by simply heating the beeswax and oil together until melted.


This homemade lip balm recipe and lip gloss recipes are the perfect way to spoil yourself or a friend! Homemade lip balm is easy, fun to make and wonderful! ... Homemade Lip Balm Recipe – Homemade Christmas Present Idea. ... then put in pot on low heat until liquid or in microwave. Mix a few times when liquid and then put in container and ...