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The first step in using a battery equivalent chart is finding the model number of the battery in question on the chart. All other battery models on the same row as the battery in question are equivalent to that battery.


A liquid measurement chart displays measurements for fluids, such as pints, cups and ounces, and indicates equivalencies. For instance, one quart is the same as one-fourth of a gallon, 2 pints, 4 cups or 32 fluid ounces.


Common liquid measurement equivalents include 3 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon, 8 ounces to 1 cup and 128 ounces to 1 gallon, with more equivalents listed at GoodCooking.com and Convert-Me.com. The latter website features a tool allowing a user to type in a liquid measuremen...


A yarn equivalents chart is important because it helps knitters find appropriate substitutes for specific yarn varieties. Knitters use the chart to find yarn equivalents for varieties that are out of production, not available in a local store or too expensive for a proj...


The For Dummies website has a page dedicated to measuring ingredients for baking that features a chart of equivalencies. Whereas dry ingredients are often measured by volume, at least in the United States, liquids are frequently measured by mass. In order to use the sam...


Two sets are said to be equivalent if they have the same number of elements in each set. Two equivalent sets are represented symbolically as A~B. Equal sets are always equivalent, but two equivalent sets are not always equal.


A liquid is a substance that has a constant volume but no permanent shape. As an adjective, it can be used to describe something with a smooth, flowing consistency.