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What you should know about your lipstick ingredients. The ingredients of lipstick may surprise you. Here, we disclose what manufacturers don't: What lipstick is made of.


Lead and other trace metals are also found in many lipsticks. It is impossible to know whether these metals are in the lipstick by looking at the ingredient list because they are not an intentional ingredient added, but rather, an unintentional contaminant.


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The manufacturing of the product occurs in three separate steps. First the ingredients for the different parts of the lipstick are melted and mixed. The solvents, fats and waxes are all melted and mixed separately. Pigment is ground to avoid small granules in the lipstick and the ingredients are then all mixed together.


A list of nanomaterial cosmetics ingredients was published by the European Commission, and the European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) provides further information on these ingredients, including information derived from the application of the REACH regulation on chemicals.


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Most lipsticks are made from three basic ingredients: wax, oil, and pigment. Pigment is the color. Waxes provide shape and a spreadable texture. Oils -- such as petrolatum, lanolin, cocoa butter ...


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As a part of FDA’s overall mission to protect public health, the agency has undertaken a project to determine levels of lead in lipstick and in a variety of other cosmetics, and found only trace ...