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Point shaving is an illegal practice wherein a player, a coach or a referee involved in an athletic contest like a football or a basketball game limit the number of points scored in the particular contest. This illegal practice is often a collaboration between the personalities who are involved and


According to HowStuffWorks, boys or young men can start shaving their faces once they have enough hair to shave. Boys typically start to grow facial hair between the ages of 9 and 15, but they may not need to shave for some time after that.


When shaving a dog, start at the front of the animal, go with the grain of the hair and do not cut too close, leaving at least 1 inch of growth. Be sure to let the clippers rest every few minutes. If they run too long, the clippers will get hot, which means there is a risk of burning the dog.


Facial shaving, or dermaplaning, is a mechanical way to exfoliate the face. Women have used facial shaving as an exfoliation method and to remove facial hair for decades, possibly centuries. Scraping a razor over the face removes hair and dead skin, leaving the skin smooth, soft and glowing.


It is in the best interest of a cat to not shave it. The only time a cat should be shaved is when it has matted fur.


Shaving the eyebrows rather than plucking or waxing is not recommended because the eyebrows will grow coarser than before. Shaving is a quick fix but not the best way to get rid of unwanted eyebrow hair.


There is no single correct way to shave one's legs; however, there are a few tips things that can streamline the process and provide a person with smoother, silkier legs. Many people think that they need to shave their legs as soon as they get into the shower, but experts say that it is best to wait


With electric clippers, shaving cream, and a pair of scissors, the leg shaving process can be relatively simple, according to Lee Hayward, writing for Bodybuilding.com. Many men find that athletic pursuits such as bicycling and body building are enhanced by hair removal.


Shaving the jaw line means using a razor to shave facial hair that exists where the face and the neck meet. This is a delicate process because the jaw line is more rounded instead of flat like the rest of the face.


Lip burning can originate from nerve damage, exposure to cold temperatures, dry skin, chemical burns, sunburn, lip injury, thermal burns, diabetes and stroke, according to Healthgrades. Lip burning accompanied by severe headaches, difficulty speaking, muscle weakness or vision changes constitutes a