As of 2015, individuals can donate eyeglasses to Lions Club International through the mail or by dropping them off at a Lions Club eyeglass recycling center or a participating Walmart Vision Center. All eyeglasses collec... More »

Donate old eyeglasses by bringing them or mailing them to an eyewear drop-off center. The Lions Club, OneSight and New Eyes are a few organizations that collect old eyeglasses. More »

People can donate used eyeglasses at community centers, schools, libraries, eye clinics and the offices of independent opticians. They can also mail them directly to grass-roots organizations or eyeglass recycling center... More » Health Vision Glasses & Contacts

The Lions Club does provide people with free glasses, if they qualify, notes the organization's website. In most cases, the person seeking assistance must have severe vision loss. More » Business & Finance

As of November 2015, to become a member of the Lions Club, find a club near you using an online directory and contact them directly, fill out a prospective member form online, or contact the Lions Club's New Members Depa... More » Business & Finance

The web address for Lions Club International is Lions Club is the largest service club in the world. They have 1.37 million members as of 2015. More » Business & Finance

The Lions Club and New Eyes are organizations that accept used prescription glasses as a charity donation. Old glasses can be dropped off at designated donation boxes, or sent via mail. Retail stores such as Walmart also... More »