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Lionhead colors Links Gardening with Rabbits Below are pictures of the colors we are currently working on or have had in the rabbitry . Blue Eyed White. Description: Pure White Coat & under Coat Eyes: White Comments: Pictured on the far right is a Vienna marked rabbit, also called a sport. It carries the Vienna gene witch is responsible for the ...


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At maturity, a Lionhead rabbit should weigh no more than 3 pounds, 12 ounces, and its ears should not be longer than 3 1/2". To be shown, a young Lionhead has to weigh at least 1 pound, 10 ounces. Judges look for a Lionhead that is compact in body and posed in an upright manner, with a high head mount and erect, balanced ears.


Lionhead Rabbit Colors. These little fellas have a distinctive scruffy mane, which makes the Lionhead rabbit look a little different from the get-go. You can find a Lionhead rabbit in just about any color variation. Lionhead breed standards accept all colors.


Lionhead Rabbits. These little rabbits are adorable. ... The stay small, lots of color but with manes and soft velveteen fur! Mini Rabbits- General. I have some of my favorite rabbits still here because of their wonderful personalities. These mini rabbits are crossed back to mini Lionhead bucks and Holland lop bucks to produce a super gentle ...


What is a Lionhead Rabbit? Lionheads are a small, compact rabbit that is instantly recognizable by the longer mane of fur around its head, giving it the resembling appearance of a Lion’s mane. They are available in a wide variety of colors, and with a single or double mane.


Lionhead Rabbits We are currently working on the ARBA recognized colors Red Eyed White (Non Extention) & Tort ( All Varieties). We have recently shifted our program to focus also on the varieties of Black & chocolate. All our rabbits are Double Maned & come from great lines. Our rabbitry is small so we will strive to keep only the best quality ...


The North American Lionhead Rabbit Club (NALRC) was founded on September 29th, 2001 at the Minnesota State Rabbit Breeders Association State Show held in Elk River, Minnesota. Since then, we have grown to a club of over 300 members. The NALRC hosts a National Lionhead Rabbit show the first weekend in May in Columbus, Ohio each year.


Lionhead breeding, exhibition genetics and colour. 574 likes. A page dedicated to the breeding and showing of Lionhead rabbits in the UK


NALRC Sanction Rules. NALRC will issue Lionhead sanctions for the purpose of counting sweepstakes points for Tortoise (all 4 colors) and REW Lionheads shown at ARBA sanctioned rabbit shows. A SANCTION REQUEST FORM is located HERE as a printable .pdf for your convenience. The complete sanction rules are listed below.