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Dolphins give birth to live calves while staying in relatively shallow waters. Normal delivery results in a calves being born tail (or fluke) first.


Some shark species give birth to live young, while other species lay eggs. All shark eggs are fertilized internally with the male depositing sperm into the female's reproductive tract.


The Lions Club does provide people with free glasses, if they qualify, notes the organization's website. In most cases, the person seeking assistance must have severe vision loss.


According to PetMD, dogs give birth in three stages. In stage one, uterine contractions begin, and the cervix relaxes, rupturing the chorioallantoic sac. In stage two, uterine contractions push the puppies through the birthing canal. Finally, the fetal membranes are del...


Mountain lions don't have any natural predators. A mountain lion's only concern is being hunted by humans. Mountain lions typically prey on deer, coyotes and raccoons.


Information for kids about lion habitats includes that lions are majestic creatures that inhabit several types of terrain, particularly those that provide them with opportunities to both stalk prey and hide from predators. While they are most common in Africa, a small s...


The Lions club collects and recycles used eyeglasses and distributes them to needy people in developing countries. Some local Lions clubs may sponsor programs that offer assistance for the purchase of eyeglasses.