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They also use their faces and body language to show how they are feeling. When they feel threatened, lions show off their biggest weapons - sharp teeth and claws - and try to make themselves look as big as possible by standing on their tiptoes, lifting up their tails and hunching their backs.


If you encounter a mountain lion, pay particular attention to the animal’s “body language.” If the mountain lion is aware of your presence, does not pay attention to you, and is at a relatively safe distance (more than 100 yards away), be extremely cautious. The probability of attack is slight if you:


body language is the gestures, poses, movement and facial expressions that person uses to communicate. its something called non-verbal comunication our body language is conveyed through; 1. eye ...


Man dominates a lion by using alpha body language. Check out our alpha male guide here, tons of minor changes you can make (mental & physical) to instantly become more Alpha.


Lions communicate in a variety of ways, including the use of scent, body language and, of course, their roar. Discover how male lions roar in order to advertise their territory to other lions, and ...


Body language. All animals use it. A flick of the tongue, a slightly lowered head, a sideways turn of the body-various movements can communicate everything from gender to age to social status. More important, animals' lives often depend on gestures. They indicate where to find food, warn others of impending danger, or remind them who is the leader.


Hold on to that image of the lion as you begin to become aware of your presentation body language. First, start with your feet, those little doo-dads on the floor—the part of the body, normally, under your least conscious control: × Notice how far apart your feet are, in a normal stance.


Your vocal tone is about 38 per cent, but your body language takes the lion’s share with around 55 per cent. Body language is fascinating and intriguing and you underestimate its power and ...


The African lion is 4.5 to 6.5 feet (1.4 to 2 meters) long from its head to its rump, and its tail measures from 26.25 to 39.5 inches (67 to 100 centimeters) long. ... Their body structure is so ...


Your body language change is to reduce the chance of anything happening to you. Walk like you WISH SOMEBODY WOULD. The result will be that you are no longer an effective target, lunch, or victim for someone to choose. You are a lion in their eyes (even if you really are a Gazelle) and a lion wont fight a lion unless they absolutely have to.