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Linus Pauling's specific therapy for cardiovascular and heart diseases are high dosages of two essential nutrients; vitamin C and the amino acid lysine. Vitamin C is required to strengthen arteries so that the body does not try to patch arteries with "plaster casts" (atherosclerosis).; Lysine is an Lp(a) binding inhibitor, meaning at sufficient dosage it can reverse the plaster cast ...


Linus Pauling's Recommended Dosages Linus Pauling filmed the video to tell us that the beneficial effects of his therapy are dosage dependent, and that products without high potency are not based on his discovery or recommendations.


The Pauling Therapy is accredited to Doctor Linus Pauling 2 times Nobel Prize winner, he believed and proved that when we start taking a high dosage of Vitamin C on a daily basis the disease process is stopped or at the very least slowed down.


NOTE: Linus Pauling specifically recommended high, generally equal oral doses of vitamin C and the amino acid lysine between 5,000 and 6,000 mg in his Unified Theory lecture (available on video). Anything less, by definition, is not the Linus Pauling Therapy. The extended protocol includes advice given by Linus


Linus Pauling didn’t claim that vitamin C in combination with other chemotherapeutic drugs might provide an additional incremental benefit to patients, which is the very best that can be claimed for high-dose ascorbate based on all the in vitro, in vivo, and clinical evidence thus far. That’s far too modest a claim.


Linus Pauling Vitamin C Therapy The role of vitamin C in preventing and treating cold, flu and many other infectious diseases is possibly the most recognized. However, the vitamin offers some other extraordinary health benefits, especially for the heart, that are not only lesser known but poorly understood. Vitamin C works as an excellent anti-oxidant […]


Dr. Pauling, for whom the Linus Pauling Institute has great respect, based his own recommendations for vitamin C largely on theoretical arguments. In developing his recommendations, he used cross-species comparisons, evolutionary arguments, the concept of biochemical individuality, and the amount of vitamin C likely consumed in a raw plant food ...


Linus Pauling is a hard guy to argue with. I’ve never used his regimen in this regard, but it should help. I don’t think it will interfere with the citrulline/arginine doses, as long as they are taken separately on an empty stomach (When we start mixing too many amino acids at the same time, we may lose their pharmacologic effect, and just start making proteins).


According to Linus Pauling and others, cardiovascular disease (chronic scurvy) occurs when the body is starved for collagen due to inadequate vitamin C intake. The arteries fall apart and the body raises cholesterol to "patch" them. Humans cannot make vitamin C like animals and do not take the large amounts of vitamin C necessary to keep tissue, blood vessels, organs, joints and bones st...


(See: How to Get Started w/the Pauling Therapy and How to Determine the Dosage of Vitamin C). Pills do work, however, the large pharmacologic dosages recommended by Linus Pauling require scores of pills (along with their assorted fillers). As people age, pills are simply hard to take. The drink mixes make it easy to follow Pauling's advice.