Examples of linkage institutions would be political parties, elections, the media and interest groups. A linkage institution provides a way for people to get involved in government. More »

Citizens can influence what the United States government does through four channels: political parties, campaigns and elections, interest groups and the media. Collectively, they're called linkage institutions as they "l... More »

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According to CliifsNotes, the main functions of the two major political parties are to represent interest groups, represent constituents, simplify choices and make policy. In general, the goal of political parties is to ... More »

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Examples of nation-states include Albania, Egypt, Estonia, North and South Korea and Mongolia. Despite influence from China in its early history, Japan is considered to be the world's largest nation-state with over 120 m... More »

Examples of command economies include the former Soviet Union, China, North Korea and Cuba. One of the defining characteristics of this type of economy is the fact that all decisions relating to the economy are decided b... More »