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The limbic system is a term that was introduced in 1949 by the American physician and neuroscientist, Paul D. MacLean. The French physician Paul Broca first called this part of the brain le grand lobe limbique in 1878. He examined the differentiation between deeply recessed cortical tissue and underlying, subcortical nuclei.


Part of the forebrain known as the diencephalon is also included in the limbic system. The diencephalon is located beneath the cerebral hemispheres and contains the thalamus and hypothalamus.The thalamus is involved in sensory perception and regulation of motor functions (i.e., movement).


The limbic system is composed of structures in the brain that deal with emotions (such as anger, happiness and fear) as well as memories. This article will address the limbic system, its parts and ...


­When we look more closely at the areas of the brain involved with laughter, the limbic system seems to be central. The limbic system is a network of structures lo­cated beneath the cerebral cortex. This system is important because it controls some behaviors that are essential to the life of all ...


The limbic system is the part of the brain involved in our behavioural and emotional responses, especially when it comes to behaviours we need for survival: feeding, reproduction and caring for our young, and fight or flight responses.


The limbic system is a group of interconnected structures located deep within the brain. It’s the part of the brain that’s responsible for behavioral and emotional responses.


Dr. Axe on Facebook 14350 Dr. Axe on Twitter 105 Dr. Axe on Instagram Dr. Axe on Google Plus Dr. Axe on Youtube Dr. Axe on Pintrest 24555 Share on Email Print Article Although it’s only a small part of the brain in terms of volume, the limbic system has some of the most basic, life-sustaining and meaningful roles of all brain structure.


Brain Stem. When we talk about parts of the brain and their functions, brain stem should never be overlooked. The brain stem is located underneath the limbic system. This section of the brain is tasked with the duty of supervising important tasks such as blood pressure, breathing and heartbeat.


Limbic system, brain stem, and spinal cord: An image of the brain showing the limbic system in relation to the brain stem and spinal cord. Hypothalamus The hypothalamus is a small part of the brain located just below the thalamus.


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