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Natural light is light that comes from the sun. It is contrasted with artificial light, which comes from light bulbs, fires and other man-made fixtures used in homes.


In the natural or hard sciences, a closed system is one that does not interact with others. There are also open and isolated systems.


The sun is the most important source of natural light, as the vast majority of the light we receive comes from it. The moon and stars are also sources of natural light.


Natural light is produced by natural processes, such as the sun and stars. By contrast, man-made devices, such as flashlights and light bulbs, emit artificial light. All forms of light require the release of energy, and in the natural world, this includes explosions, fi...


The "bending light" experiment demonstrates how the course of light is altered or refracted when it passes through different mediums, such as glass or water. The experiment can be set up in 5 minutes or less and requires a small box and a glass of water.


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Natural sources of light include sunlight, the stars, volcanoes, meteorological lightning and biochemical sources. These types of light are naturally occurring and do not necessarily need humans to create light.