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To use an eyebrow pencil on your brows, hold the skin taut at the temples, draw a soft line along the upper and lower edge of each brow, and fill in the area between the two edges with feathery strokes. Blend the pencil in well with a wiry brush.


The best color eyebrow pencil will depend on the complexion of the skin. A taupe brown is complementary for lighter skin while a darker brown will work for olive skin tones, recommends O Magazine.


As of 2015, the cost of a permanent eyebrow pencil is approximately $3 for a basic pencil, about $30 for a professional pencil, and about $140 for an eyebrow tattoo kit. According to AliExpress, the price of permanent eyebrow pencils dropped significantly from 2013 to 2...


Some hair color brands that can be used for coloring gray hair include Umberto Beverly Hills U Color and Revlon ColorSilk. Products for covering partial gray or touching up gray roots include ColorWow and Christian Dior's Mascara Flash for Hair.


Grey hair is not actually grey at all; It is hair without any pigmentation, making it appear white. Since grey hair is similar to any other hair hue, a shampoo that is suitable for the hair type, regardless of the color, is sufficient.


There is no proof of any product, medicine, supplement, herb or diet that can reverse gray hair. Thyroid disorders, vitamin B12 deficiency, anemia, vitiligo, menopause and smoking are causes of grey hair that are not necessarily related to aging and can be remedied to p...


Some of the best looking hairstyles for men with gray hair are short styles. If the person's hair is still relatively thick and has not receded too much, keep the sides short and the top at a medium length that works with the texture of the hair.