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The best color eyebrow pencil will depend on the complexion of the skin. A taupe brown is complementary for lighter skin while a darker brown will work for olive skin tones, recommends O Magazine.


To use an eyebrow pencil on your brows, hold the skin taut at the temples, draw a soft line along the upper and lower edge of each brow, and fill in the area between the two edges with feathery strokes. Blend the pencil in well with a wiry brush.


One way to color gray eyebrows is to fill them in with a brow marker that matches the natural pre-gray shade of the eyebrows. Another way to color gray eyebrows is to brush on a tinted brow gel that is slightly lighter than the non-gray hairs of the eyebrows.


As of 2015, the cost of a permanent eyebrow pencil is approximately $3 for a basic pencil, about $30 for a professional pencil, and about $140 for an eyebrow tattoo kit. According to AliExpress, the price of permanent eyebrow pencils dropped significantly from 2013 to 2...


Scientists theorize that eyebrows help divert stinging sweat and vision-obscuring moisture such as rain from running into the eyes. The arch shape helps to keep liquids to the sides of the face. Eyebrows also play a significant role in nonverbal communication.


Some highly rated eyebrow pencils include Lorac Pro Brow Pencil, Dolce and Gabbana Shaping Eyebrow Pencil, Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Brow Lift Duo, Ulta Ultimate Brows and Maybelline Define a Brown Pencil, as of 2015. All received high ratings on the Paula'...


A typical No. 2 pencil is 7.5 inches long with a 6.75-inch wooden shaft. Most No. 2 pencils are made from cedar with a hexagonal shaft. The lead is a mixture of graphite, clay and wax.