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Order a replacement spring for a LiftMaster garage door through e-commerce sites such as Amazon.com, YouDoItStore.com and Door-Parts.com as of 2015. It is also possible to locate a local dealer through the LiftMaster website and place the order in person or over the phone.


Companies that repair Liftmaster garage door openers include Bearcat Company and GS Overhead Systems, which provide repair services to California residents, and Liftmaster Door Atlanta. In Florida, Armstrong Garage Door repairs Liftmaster garage door systems. Companies offering repair services vary


Liftmaster garage door sensors enhance safety by monitoring garage door movements and notifying the owner in case of unauthorized entry. The sensors’ compatibility with old and new garage door opener models makes them a versatile security resource.


LiftMaster garage door openers are safe, provided that homeowners take the proper precautions before installing them and when using them. Serious injury or death can occur if the opener is malfunctioning, so it is important to perform regular safety checks.


The most common problems with Chamberlain Liftmaster garage doors are troubles with the remote control or troubles with opening or closing the door itself. The manual that comes with the doors, however, comes with a trouble shooting guide. Additionally, some of the door openers have problem-indicato


Poor range on a LiftMaster opener remote is caused by a variety of reasons, the most common of which are interference and battery problems. Range problems can also be attributed to a defective receiver or logic board and metal garage doors shielding the remote signal.


Regular maintenance processes that a LiftMaster gate opener requires are minor programming adjustments and a reset of the controls. Once a month, the owner should test the door's alignment and balance and test its safety reversal system.


Malfunctioning circuit boards, a power surge or a thunderstorm are potential causes of a garage door opening by itself. In rare cases, a neighbor may accidentally open a homeowner's garage door, especially if the door has been operating for more than 20 years already.


The reasons a garage door might not open include broken springs, low batteries in the remote control and worn cables. Broken springs are a common problem for garage doors. Motors cannot lift garage doors on their own if a spring breaks or snaps. Installing new springs fixes this issue.


Installing a garage door opener is a two-person job that requires removing the old opener, mounting and aligning the new unit and securing the motor. Read all instructions on the new unit before beginning installation.