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Our Final Thoughts on Lifetime Fitness Prices. Obviously, Lifetime Fitness prices are a bit higher than the average gym’s. However, it is obviously extremely worth it, based on everything that comes with the membership. We do only recommend, though, getting a membership to Lifetime Fitness if you’re planning on taking advantage of the extra ...


What other clubs can I access with my membership? For specific club access information, please visit your nearest club or call 1-800-741-4109 during business hours. Do I have to sign a contract? You would sign a general terms agreement with Life Time to become a member. The terms of the agreement are based on the type of membership purchased.


Membership Fees. Membership fees are not uniform and will depend on the location, although most charge around $90 monthly. However, you can try the site for free and price requests are available at their website. You may also contact the nearest Life Time Fitness and ask how much it will cost you.


Life Time is designed with health, fitness, and community at its core, so you can experience what is most important to you. Build and Price Free Pass


The Lifetime Fitness membership cost generally includes the initiation and the monthly/annual fees. But, just like other services, you can expect additional expenses on the way. These may include the following: Surplus charges for services like tanning, personal trainers, and some classes (which are not usually included in the club’s monthly fee)


Life Time Fitness Membership Cost will vary depending on what you desire. Individuals that seek for the fitness centre’s membership will be presented with options they can choose from, whether they want to pay for a full year or on a monthly basis. The initiation fee is same for all types of membership and this is just $79.


LifeTime Fitness offers members a wide array of group fitness classes included in the membership fee (except yoga). Many of its large high-end facilities operate 24/7 and feature personal fitness instruction, salons, food courts, large child centers, and indoor/outdoor pools.


Membership Costs. Lifetime’s prices are higher than many other fitness clubs. Since the company is a chain of franchises, prices vary depending on location but there are some averages and ranges for membership costs.

www.aprd.org/assets/Price Comparison (4-1-09).pdf

Price Comparison to 24 hour and Lifetime Fitness Drop In Fees Trails Recreation Center District Adult $5 Household $15 Non District Adult $7 Household $21 24-Hour Fitness Does not have or allow drop in – must have membership Lifetime Fitness $25 drop in fee Single Adult Annual Membership: Trails Recreation Center


Lifetime Fitness Membership Fee. Life Time Fitness membership costs are not similar and are highly dependent on the location, although most charge starting around $80 per month. A dual membership has some great options available with it, whether you are looking to pay in one lump sum or month by month.