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A rat terrier-pit bull mix is a cross between a rat terrier and an American pit bull terrier. The physical and mental characteristics of hybrid dogs are unpredictable due to the wide variety of traits they can inherit from both parents.


The United Kennel Club, one of the leading authorities on dog breeds, considers the biggest American Pit Bull Terrier to weigh 60 pounds and to measure 21 inches tall at the shoulders. The club does not consider a dog larger than this to be a true American Pit Bull Terrier.


There are many American pit bull terrier breeders in America, such as Caragan Kennels in Washington state. These breeders differentiate themselves from fad breeders and puppy mills. There are also a number of resources available if one is looking to purchase an American pit bull terrier.


The American pit bull terrier is a purebred dog recognized by the United Kennel Club, the American Pit Bull Registry and several other organizations, but the American Kennel Club does not recognize it. It was developed by crossing the Old English terrier with the Old English bulldog.


Looking for a kennel for an American Pit Bull Terrier does not differ from kennels for any other breed. Asking friends and neighbors (especially ones that have boarded American Pit Bull Terriers before), local veterinarians, an animal shelter or searching reputable websites can help you find names o


A pit bull is a type of dog breed that is known for its sweet nature, strong body and high intelligence. The dog typically lives between 12 and 16 years and weighs approximately 30 to 85 pounds.


There are three main breeds of pit bulls and several smaller offshoots. Like "terrier," "pit bull" is a descriptive term that encompasses many different breeds, coat types, colors and sizes. The three main ones are often confused, and it is best to differentiate them musculature and coat size when u


There are three types of pit bull dogs: the American pit bull terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier. The pit bull breed began in England as a cross between a bulldog and a terrier. Pit bulls are muscular with a broad head and sturdy build.


Pit bulls live an average of 12 to 14 years. With a proper diet and regular medical care, pit bulls can live 16 years or longer.


Generally, the first step in adopting a bull terrier is to fill out an adoption application with a bull terrier rescue group. Next, the adopter must interview with the group and meet potential dogs to select one and pay an adoption fee.