Cherry trees start as seeds, which are the pits found in cherries. These seeds are planted, and they grow into nursery trees that turn into young trees and then bear fruit.The cherry fruit then matures and falls to the g... More »

According to legend, George Washington cut down his father's prized cherry tree while playing as a child, then admitted to doing so instead of trying to avoid punishment because he could not bear to tell a lie. The story... More »

Throughout history in Japan, the cherry blossom has symbolized the circle of life. In Japanese, the cherry blossom is called sakura. More »

An oak tree begins its life cycle with the germination of an acorn which produces a small root, resulting in the growth of a sapling tree. Flowers that have a greenish color appear in the spring on mature trees, producin... More »

To grow cherries, select the correct cultivar for your location. Decide if you are growing in the ground or in a container, and prepare the space with rich soil that drains well. Select a sunny area for your tree that re... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Trees & Bushes

Popular varieties of cherry bushes include the Carmine Jewel, Crimson Passion, Nanking cherry and the Meader bush cherries. Most of these popular cherry bushes are the result of hybridization. More »

Keep your flowering cherry tree looking good by pruning it regularly into a vase shape. This type of pruning requires regular care, pruning shears, bleach and paper towels. More »