The life cycle of bacteria consists of four main phases: the lag phase, the exponential or log phase, the stationary phase and the death phase. Factors that trigger bacteria growth heavily rely on this life cycle. Bacter... More »

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Bacteria are simple organisms that are found in every type of environment, including on land, in the air, in water and on and inside plants and animals. A bacterium (or single bacteria) is a single-celled creature that c... More »

Some ways to teach a plant's life cycle is to have children watch seeds sprout, have hands-on examples of each stage of the life cycle, or have children draw or write a story of a plant's life cycle. Addition material su... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

The major advantage of the incremental model is that it generates a working application faster and earlier during the software development life cycle; however, problems can occur with iteration phases if not implemented ... More »

Cabbage white butterflies eat different types of food during the particular phases of their life cycle. Cabbage white caterpillars subsist on the leaves of plants from the Brassica family, while adults feed on the nectar... More »

The mitosis of onion root tips involves the process of cell division in its various phases, such as interphase, prophase, anaphase, metaphase and telophase. In biology labs, students use onion root tips to observe these ... More »