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So this is how life used to be in a small Siberian town 10–15 years ago. The lifestyle is slowly changing and the infrastructure is developing. ... Try it today and see for yourself. ... Originally Answered: What is it like to live in Siberia? Well, it’s hard to explain - Siberia is a very special land.


Top 17 Facts about Life in Siberia. Interesting features of life in the largest region on the planet. Life in Siberia is not simple, it’s harsh. Harsh climate, cold in winter and hot in summer, vast distances and permafrost – some of it seems unthinkable for a man. But people still live here.


Siberian City's Deadly Rain. Environmentalists claim Norilsk is the world's largest producer of acid rain.


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In the remote wilderness of western Siberia, life can be harsh with little opportunity for employment. So in the village of Komsomolsk in the Tomsk region, locals are turning to the vast woodlands ...


Life and Happiness in Siberia’s Cold By Diana Markosian Mar. 10, 2014 Mar. 10, 2014 For outsiders, Siberia evokes images of harsh winters, political exile and a lone railway that winds through the mysterious landscape.


The Other Side of Russia: A Slice of Life in Siberia and the Russian Far East [Sharon Hudgins] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Travel to post Soviet Siberia and the Russian Far East with author Sharon Hudgins as she takes readers on a personal adventure through the Asian side of Russia—an area closed to most Westerners and many Russians prior to the 1990s.


Siberia was inhabited by different groups of nomads such as the Enets, the Nenets, the Huns, the Scythians and the Uyghurs.The Khan of Sibir in the vicinity of modern Tobolsk was known as a prominent figure who endorsed Kubrat as Khagan of Old Great Bulgaria in 630. The Mongols conquered a large part of this area early in the 13th century.


Bridget Kendall reports from Strezhevoy in Siberia, where life is tough for oil workers and the future for residents, uncertain. ... Life in the oil-rich Siberian town of Strezhevoy By Bridget Kendall Today programme From the air, the lonely settlement of Strezhevoy is a tiny enclave, adrift in a snowy ocean of frozen forests and ice-white ...


One Photographer’s Glimpse Into Life In Russia Today. ... Quite a few also came from came from Siberia searching for work that just didn't pan out. ... FORTUNE may receive compensation for some ...