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State hot water heaters are made by State Water Heaters, a brand of State Industries, Inc. Located in Ashland City, Tennessee, the company has been in business since 1946.


A hot water heater is important because without one you would not be able to use any hot water in the home without first manually heating it.


Install a new water heater by shutting off the power, removing the old tank, moving the new tank into place, connecting the plumbing and filling the tank. Once the tank is full, leak test and turn on the power.


Used hot water heaters can be safe if they're transported and installed correctly, but damage to the tank can cause problems later. It is important to ensure that safety features are functioning correctly.


Owners can replace the heating element on an electric water heater to repair one of the most common problems that occur with these units, a lack of hot water. If the tank is leaking, it is beyond repair and requires replacement.


Hot water heater maintenance includes draining the tank, adding insulation, testing the pressure-relief valve and examining the sacrificial anode rod. Maintaining a water heater helps to lengthen its life span.


Correctly installed electric water heaters are safe. They alleviate safety concerns associated with natural gas heaters, such as combustion and carbon monoxide poisoning, and a study from the Consumer Product Safety Commission finds that there are significantly fewer fire-related injuries and deaths


As of 2015, the best hot water heater brands are A.O. Smith, GE, Kenmore, Rheem and Whirlpool. As of 2015, these are the lead manufacturers of hot water heaters.


The most common reasons for an excessively hot gas water heater include a defective gas valve, a defective thermostat and a short in the heating element. The most effective solutions are replacement of the defective parts and adjustments to the heater's electrical wiring scheme.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends setting residential water heaters at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest safe temperature allowed for most homes is 120 F.