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What is the Leaking Heart Valve Life Expectancy? Heart valve problems such as a leaky heart valve are one of the lifelong conditions. However, a large number of people suffering from heart valve disease or defect do not show any symptom. In some cases, condition often stays same for the entire life of a person and does not create any problem.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Marvit on life expectancy with leaky heart valve: But there isn't any need since it's a treatable condition. Mild to moderate mitral insufficiency doesn't require treatment. Acute severe or chronic symptomatic severe mr require treatment. Chronic severe mr without symptoms needs careful followup.


Therefore, it can be said that life expectancy with leaking heart valves is quite relative and can vary from person to person. If you are diagnosed with a leaky valve, irrespective of how minor the leak is, it is advisable to keep a regular follow-up with your doctor to be updated about your leaky valve.


A leaky heart valve may cause no problems or it may signify congestive heart failure. WebMD takes a look at the causes, symptoms, and treatments for a leaky heart valve.


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If the leak is minor, it is unlikely to be life-threatening, states NYDailyNews.com. However, the leak should be monitored because it can get worse. The left side of the heart can enlarge to compensate for a substantial leak, which increases pressure in the heart and lungs. This can lead to heart failure and a shorter life expectancy.


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Having a leaky heart valve can reduce the quality of life and possibly limits the life expectancy because of its secondary effects. The first option for most patients is the valve repair. If a person is not aware of the condition or if no treatments had been done to get better, it will surely become acute, leading to a shortened life expectancy.


I also have a leaking heart valve and blood pressure meds have helped with the symptoms which were shortness of breath and on/off heart fluttering. Never had any pain associated with it, guess it depends on stage of the valve. For me, it is a watch and see, with echo testing every two years.


"The heart has to work harder and eventually gets weaker and damaged, leading to shortened life expectancy." A subset of patients are born with a normal mitral valve and then develop mitral valve ...