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50 Life Death Tattoo Designs For Men – Masculine Ink Ideas To embrace the fundamental foundation of existence, intelligently attuned men are utilizing life and death tattoos as a way to experience the totality of being.


Many life and death theme tattoo designs are inked in styles that belong to an older time, and place the person who receives the tattoo in a long and ancient tradition. Life and death theme tattoo go all the way from clean single colored designs in pure black, to those touched with shades for a softer and artistic effect.


Dark Life Death Tattoo. Check out this life death tattoo created with black ink in bold fancy font for a catchy look. Dark Life Death Tattoo. Cool Life Death Tattoo. The clean shading of this life death tattoo is a treat to the eyes and makes an appealing style statement. Cool Life Death Tattoo. Sexy Side Tattoo


50 Small Skull Tattoos For Men – Mortality Design Ideas The small skull tattoo is one of the most classic, quintessential tattoo designs in modern tattoo history. Symbolizing mortality, immortality and the dramatic interplay between life and death, skull tattoos truly embody the shadow side supremely beloved by tattoo enthusiasts worldwide.


The common ambigram examples include family-forever, life-death, love-hate, hope-faith, sinner-saint and so on. Ambigram tattoos became much more popular when it was prominently featured in Dan Brown‘s bestselling novel, Angels & Demons. Here are my collections of 40+ Cool Ambigram Tattoo Ideas which can help to make your own ambigram tattoos.


Skull Tattoos. While skull tattoos have their own history and following, they can also be used to represent a type of life and death. Skulls with living features, such as hair bows or a top hat, help to bridge the gap between life and death and can help further the fascination and image.


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It has been brought to our attention that some “tattoos artists” are falsely using Life & Death Tattoos as a reference when being asked where they trained, worked, guest spotted and/or completed an tattoo apprenticeship – something we feel is wrong, dishonest & potentially dangerous our reputation but more importantly, to our clients & potential clients.


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