Home remedies for head lice and their egg include combing the hair with different types of oils, such as tea tree oil and olive oil, according to Healthline.com. The website also suggests the use of mayonnaise and Vaseli... More »

Drenching a person's hair in thick oil, such as almond oil or olive oil, is thought to suffocate head lice if the routine is repeated daily for at least a week, according to Healthline. Mixing thick oil with an essential... More »

At-home treatments for head lice include manual removal, essential oils and neem extract, according to Cathy Wong for About.com. It is important to note that natural remedies have not been regulated by the FDA and should... More »

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Effective home remedies for head lice include smothering the lice with almond or olive oil or treating the hair with essential oils, notes Healthline. Parents use these remedies along with a combing routine that physical... More »

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Home remedies for thinning hair include amla fruit, fenugreek seeds, eggs and olive oil. Causes of thinning hair include protein deficiency, hormonal imbalance and aging. More »

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Rubbing alcohol and vinegar mixtures and other home remedies do not always kill head lice and their eggs; over-the-counter medications are preferred for treating infested persons, according to Harvard Medical School. Tho... More »

Many edible oils, such as coconut oil and olive oil, and many fat-rich foods, such as mayonnaise, avocados and eggs, are excellent remedies for dry hair, according to Reader's Digest. Plain yogurt, sour cream and honey c... More »

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