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Sex is passionate, and Pisces wants to make it legal. Pisces are creative lovers and, as with a Libra lover, likes to please their partners. The Pisces lover plays out fantasies and provides Libra with the erotic sex sometimes hidden away. Pisces have a keen sexual appetite and put their lovers on a pedestal. Libra loves being admired and adored.


For that, check out this discussion on Libra and Pisces compatibility – the definitive guide to seeing if true love can last for this pairing. Libra and Pisces compatibility overview. There’s an inherent sense of duality to the Libra and Pisces romance, probably due to the fact that these star signs tend to see everything in pairs.


The problem here is that by the time Libra decides if they want to do something or not, Pisces will change their minds five times, not sure if this is the best thing for them, for their relationship, for their life’s purpose and mission, etc. The questioning of Libra will raise suspicions in Pisces with painful ease.


Libra Man and Pisces Woman: Nature of Bonding An interesting relationship is foreseen for the Libra man who belongs to the air sign and the Pisces Woman who belongs to the water sign. A Libra man and a Pisces woman present a unique level of intelligence to each other thus complementing each other’s differences in qualities when they are together.


Magical Courtship. Both the Pisces man and the Libra woman are gentle, unassuming souls. The Pisces man often lacks self confidence. Although the Libra woman has enough confidence, she is a self-effacing woman and doesn’t have an ego problem.They are both charmed by each other, and can easily fall in love.


Libra and Pisces . Pisces is an even more ardent dreamer than you are, so expect a maximum amount of romance here -- as long as you can get something started. If you want Pisces to pay attention to you, all you have to do is talk.


The attraction between Pisces man and Libra woman is undeniable. In fact, I can tell when a woman is a Libra just because I'm so attracted to her! I dated a Libra for a stormy year and a half or so. The sex was great. Caught her cheating on me. That was that. Sorry to say but almost EVERY Libra I've known, male or female, has done so.


Pisces man and Libra woman compatibility guide for love life, in bed, relationship and more traits. Find how these zodiac signs get along with each other. Pisces man and Libra woman compatibility guide for love life, in bed, relationship and more traits. Find how these zodiac signs get along with each other.


7 Reasons A Libra And A Pisces Make The Ultimate Power Couple. By Courtney Dercqu. Mar 19 2016. ... The Pisces man and Libra woman are both loyal to their friends and family, and will often go to ...


What appeals to Pisces is the off-beat or even eccentric. Pisces loves a mystery and will put out intuitive feelers to Libra's layers. If Libra's got soul as well as charm, Pisces is impressed. It's better not to overtalk the seduction with Pisces. Libra will want to listen— to body language and subtle cues rather than conversation.