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The history of Liberia exposes the controversy of their consideration as a never colonized country. The country was established by Americans in 1821. It started as Cape Mesurado Colony, a creation of the American Colonization Society, and later expanded to become the Colony of Liberia in 1824.


It was colonised. The country was created by Americans (“freed” American slaves). That’s why it has that country name (from “Liberty”), capital name (Monrovia named after US President James Monroe), a flag that looks very much like the US flag, an...


Ethiopia and Liberia were never colonized depending on which angle you look at it from. In a sense, they were, because at some periods in their history they were ruled by foreign powers. On the other hand, they were not if you are comparing their history with that of other African countries who were sorely colonized by European superpowers for ...


Ethiopia was never a colony, so no. Liberia is an African country that people usually claim is not colonized, but since it was founded by American Blacks who established a very European-style ...


Hello, recently I’ve spend my time on reading history books, and I am curious: Some few years ago a classmate of mine mentioned to me that Liberia and Ethiopia were the only African countries that never have been colonized.


Ethiopia and Liberia were the only two African countries that were not colonized. Liberia was founded by freed slaves and Ethiopia resisted Italian attempts at colonization. Between 1881 and 1914, an invasion and occupation of Africa by European countries resulted in a mass colonization of most African countries.


Ethiopia was never colonized. It was an independent member of the League of Nations, and as such a member, the League can only recognize it as an occupied territory, not colonized; just as Japan or Italy or Germany were during the WWII.


Ethiopia and Liberia were not colonized by Europeans. but Liberia was a US-backed construction where freed american slaves could be returned to Aftrica. It was, for a time, essentially a US colony ...


Characteristics that drove whether or not a country was colonized by the West appear to be how difficult it is to reach them: the relative navigation distance from northwestern Europe, and the lack of a safe overland passage to landlocked countries. In Africa, those countries arguably included Liberia and Ethiopia.


(Liberia was constantly wracked by economic crisis between the 1860s and 1930s, in fact--part of the reason they were so abject before the Firestone concessionaires.) So the French and British did threaten and even nibble at Liberia, but US intercession dissuaded them from taking the entire colony.