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LG steam washing machines are designed to make your home a more inviting space, where laundry won’t seem quite so tedious. Revolutionary LG Direct Drive steam washing machines let you kiss wrinkles goodbye, along with 99.8% of pet dander, dust mites, and other common allergens.


You may have noticed that some washing machine models offer a steam cycle feature. Learn if it fits your cleaning needs and budget. ... What Does a Steam Feature on a Washer Do? For some people, the steam feature is a great option. ... The website How Stuff Works actually looked at LG's steam washing patent to find out exactly what steam ...


The Tub Clean cycle uses steam to help clean the unit and help reduce mildew, mold, unwanted buildup, and odor. When using this option, the washing machine must be completely empty to avoid the risk of harming your garments or your LG washer.


Be sure to check out LG steam washers as well as other manufacturers for more on this option and expect the price of steam washing technology to drop over the next few years as the feature becomes more common and the “Average” consumer learns of steam washing machine benefits. Today's Top Promotions


In a washing machine, steam and water form a dynamic duo. Steam complements water in the cleaning process by keeping the fabrics soft and wrinkle-free. One patent filed by LG Electronics, the company that put out the first home steam washer, explains the different advantages that steam can offer when applied in three different stages of a washing machine cycle:


LG reveals that steam machines have many advanced settings that give users precise control over the entire washing process. For example, some garments require steam-only treatment, while others benefit from the combination of steam and water. Another important difference between regular and steam washing machines is the "refresh" option.


ia m using lg front load washing machine. so i am cleaning lg front load washing machine. if you want to other brand front load washer cleaning, all front load washing machine cleaning is almost ...


How to use front load washing machine || Demo & review of lg front load washing machine || - Duration: 9:20. Shweta Soni Vlogz 117,688 views. ... How to clean front load washing machine cleaning ...


Top-loading washing machines don't clean as thoroughly as front-loading ones do, and they also use significantly more water and energy. They aren't as harsh on your clothes as older agitator washers were, but they aren't as good at removing stains. But if you're looking for a top-load washing machine, the LG WT7600HKA is the best one you can buy.


The tub on the inside of an LG Tromm washing machine can collect dirt and other debris. Though most dirt is drained out of the tub in the wash cycle, some dirt may remain in the tub. LG designed several of their Tromm washing machines with a cleaning cycle that washes out the tub inside the...