Contrary to the codes that televisions use, Apple TV directly reads the infrared signal of a remote through in-built software in order to use a third-party remote such as one sold by LG. Apple has a procedure for configu... More » Technology Television & Video

The exact code to connect a Sky remote control to an LG make of television set depends on the model of the TV. The code can be found by pressing the red button for "interactive" on any Sky receiver and selecting "Sky Tec... More »

Switch the TV on and then hold the mode and select keys for 1 second. Releasing both keys, the mode key stays lit. Enter one of these codes: 0050, 0155, 0004, 0005, 0009, 0012, 0057, 0080, 0132, 0156, 0227 or 0338. Then,... More »

In order to find the remote code for a Mitsubishi TV, the best place to go is This site contains lists of remote codes for a variety of different brands of televisions. More » Technology Television & Video

To set up Apple TV, connect the Apple TV to your television, turn it on, choose your preferred language, choose a Wi-Fi network, set up the password, and let the system complete the configuration process. This process ta... More »

A majority of reviews for Apple TV adapters from those using them with the iPad 2 are positive. Many users note trouble when using them with other Apple products such as iPhones. More » Technology Television & Video

As of 2015, some Apple TV channels include entertainment channels such as Showtime and FYI. Apple TV viewers can also watch news channels such as ABC News and CBS Nightly News. Sports channels are also available on Apple... More » Technology Television & Video