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Find instructions and tips on how to use different models of LG phones on LG.com and on specialized Android review and information sites, such as AndroidCentral.com. Find LG phone user manuals, which also contain usage instructions, on Manuals Online, Wirefly and Retrevo.


If an LG flip phone is not working properly, a series of diagnostics are necessary. Issues vary from physical damage to connectivity issues, firmware problems and service issues. Full documentation for a specific LG flip phone model is available on LG.com


Dial your phone number, and then press the pound (#) or star (*) key to access your voicemail from another phone. This method works for mobile phones on the Sprint, AT&T and Verizon networks. To check your home answering machine messages, press "0" and enter your PIN from any landline or mobile phon


Information on the menus, how to send and receive calls, screen icons, using the contacts features, and how to send and receive text messages is included in LG flip phone user's manuals. Information on the battery, volume controls, signal strength and caller identification is also included.


LG phone instruction manuals are available online on the official LG website and on websites for individual phone service providers that carry LG phones. For example, Sprint offers some online manuals for LG phones.


Turning off voicemail usually involves going through the voicemail settings on the user's account. The exact method depends on the service provider. In the case of smartphones, the voicemail feature might be controlled on the phone.


To change your voicemail you need to call your voicemail number, activate your box according to the instructions, and record your own voicemail message.


To set up online voicemails, you need an online VoIP service provider such as Google Voice, Phonebooth, YouMail or eVoice. You can obtain some of these services with a paid subscription while some are free. The exact method for setting up voicemail depends on the selected voicemail service.


Some common LG phone codes include 2945*#01*#, *#06#, 2945*#01*#, and ##2342, as of 2015. TwilightWap.com, TechLila.com, and MobileCon.info are examples of websites that offer LG phone codes. Each code has a unique function and works on either all LG phone models or with specific phone models.


To reset the voicemail password on a Verizon phone, either call the customer service line or change it through the mobile phone. AT&T customers have several options to change a voicemail password.