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Do you have replacement parts for older Levolor blinds or shades? Where can I get a cord safety retrofit kit for older blinds and shades? How can I get a repair for a stock Levolor blind purchased at Lowe’s? Shutters. What are the parts of a shutter called? How long do Levolor Shutters last? How long does it take to get shutters installed?


Levolor cordless or honeycomb shades are a good option if you have pets or small children who might get caught in the cords. The fabric pleated shades can also be easier to maintain than blinds that have slats that can break. These blinds come in a variety of styles and colors to coordinate with your home decor.


Troubleshoot Lift Problems with Blinds or Shades Menu. The Cord Lock Mechanism is a snap-in part. The mechanism may be defective if the roller pin is prevented from moving freely. Make sure the blinds lift cord runs straight up into the cord lock mechanism with no obstructions or diversion. The lift cord should not be twisted


Learn how to fix window blinds & shades from the experts at Blinds.com™. We give you easy-to-follow tips for window blind repairs you can do at home.


I had the same problems with my Levolor cordless blinds. Within months of buying them 3 of the 6 I bought would not stay up when lifted. The larger blinds were the problem as I believe they are too heavy for the mechanism. Levelor replaced all three which were broken again within 3 - 4 months.


Cordless blinds can often be fixed at home without needing to call the manufacturer or have new ones installed. Cordless blinds have an internal motor spring that retracts to hold the blind in place, and sometimes this motor needs to be reset for the blinds to work properly.


Explore the wonderful range of options available at Lowe’s. You’ll find LEVOLOR blinds and LEVOLOR shades in modern and classic styles, with convenient features that make them more than just easy on the eyes. Enjoy a streamlined experience with LEVOLOR cordless blinds, or see how LEVOLOR cordless cellular shades can help insulate your home.


LEVOLOR Blinds and Shades are trusted to work beautifully day after day, year after year. ... Customer Support. ... If you have children or pets, you’ll want to learn more about cordless options for your blinds or shades. View More; Installation & Shortening. Ready to hang your new blinds or shades? We'll take you step by step through the ...


Are your cordless honeycomb shades crooked, bulging out of the window or not lifting all the way? Have no fear! Blinds.com Customer Service to the rescue! Why is This Happening? In most cases you can chalk up lifting problems errors in manufacturing, or the effect of heat or humidity on the shade.


My levolor cordless cellular shades broke. Rather than replace to send them off to be repaired, I decided to tear them apart myself and figure out how they work. Inside, one will find some plastic ...