A pivot, also known as a fulcrum, is the point where a load is pivoted. This is a fixed hinge that is connected to the ground. More »

A lever is a simple machine, and it only consists of two material components and two work components. A lever can be made with a beam, or solid rod; a fulcrum, or pivot point; an input force, or effort; and an output for... More »

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The fixed point on which a lever moves is called the fulcrum. A lever is a simple machine with three parts: effort, load and the fulcrum. The lever would be useless without the fulcrum, as it is the point on which the le... More »

The first class lever uses the fulcrum in between the applied force and load, the second class lever uses the load between the fulcrum and applied force and the third class lever uses the applied force between the fulcru... More »

A lever is a basic machine people use to move a load around a pivot by applying force. Many common tools, such as scissors, pliers and tongs are types of levers. More »

A fulcrum is the fixed support or pivot point for a lever, which is a simple machine used to overcome resistance. The lever is a stiff rod or bar, and the location of the fulcrum determines the class of the lever. Levers... More »

A baseball bat is a third-class lever, with the fulcrum at the end, the force located in the center and the load the point where the ball strikes. Third-class levers require more work to accomplish the job but give the m... More »