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An example of an intent to lien letter is: "Please take notice that the undersigned has provided work, materials and equipment rental described as [INSERT DESCRIPTIONS] to the construction project located at [INSERT LEGAL DESCRIPTION OR MUNICIPAL ADDRESS OF PROJECT]." Lien letters may vary based on


A notice of intent to lien is a notice that warns a property owner, contractor or other applicable parties that a mechanics lien is set to be filed unless payment due is made within the designated period, zlien states. This notice is only legally required in a handful of states.


A letter of intent to purchase is a formal business document that is issued from one firm to the enterprise it wishes to acquire. This is exchanged when a company buys outright the rights, assets and operational resources of another business. It lays out the intent to buy and the amount of the trans


A letter of intent for a job is a cover letter that summarizes an applicant's interest in the job and details any qualifications and experience, as noted by Best-Job-Interview.com. The letter of intent is submitted along with a resume.


An auto lien release letter verifies that a vehicle does not have a lien holder or no longer has a lien holder. It is actually a clearance letter. When a financial institution lends money for the purchase of a vehicle, that institution becomes the first lien holder.


A lien-release letter must contain identifying information including date of the lien, name of lienholder, and property owner. In addition, it should include a legal description of the property, consideration for the release, signature and a disclaimer, according to the FDIC.


Liens are filed through the legal court system, typically in the courthouse of the county in which the conflict occurs, explains Remodeling Magazine. Each state has its own legal rules and procedures for filing either a mechanic's lien or a judgement lien.


A lien release is what happens when a party with an interest in a property, such as a bank that holds a mortgage loan on a house, frees the borrower from any further repayment obligation, according to The Law Dictionary. A lien is a form of contract giving a lender collateral rights over a piece of


A property lien is a type of security interest for a specified sum of money that attaches to a piece of real estate, according to Nolo. Types of property liens include mortgages, tax liens and mechanic's liens, states RealEstateLawyers.com.


An auto lien is an agreement that allows a loan provider to legally take the vehicle from the loan recipient if the recipient does not repay the loan as agreed on the date of purchase. Liens are a consequence of agreeing to a loan, and protect the loan provider from loss.