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Writing a letter asking for money requires a tone of honesty, simplicity and a sense of real communication between the writer and the receiver. Asking for money is always a delicate endeavor. Many nonprofit organizations, however, only survive if they're successfully able to ask for money repeatedly


There are countless approaches to consider when writing a letter asking for money. Some of the main factors are to come across as honest, grateful and in need.


One of the first steps in asking for more money when offered a job is to do research. A consumer needs to know the market rate for a specific position with the equivalent duties, experience requirements and education requirements.


Studies have found that taller people generally have higher salaries than their shorter counterparts. In Western countries, there is a 9-15% jump in salary between the 25th and 75th height percentile. Another study suggests an additional $800 per inch, per year in earnings.


Senior citizens can earn additional income through full-time or part-time work, temporary positions and freelance and consulting work, notes John Mackey for The Motley Fool. Other ways of earning extra money include selling possessions, garden produce or hobbies and crafts; delaying receipt of Socia


There isn't a predetermined code, series or button press to get more money in "Need For Speed: Most Wanted." However, there are some tricks and tips that will grant you a lot more money than usual.


Individuals seeking refunds for bond money paid to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in support of an immigrant do not need to write a letter, but they must submit an original bond receipt and bond cancellation form by mail, according to U.S. Immigration Bonds and Insurance Services.


Players primarily make money in "Grand Theft Auto IV" by completing the game's core missions and particular side missions. In addition, players earn more money by doing certain activities, such as robbing stores, hijacking armored cars and killing citizens that drop random amounts of money.


If the appliance still works, it's worth more to sell the used appliance to another consumer than it is to sell it for scrap metal, as of 2015. For example, top-freezer refrigerators are available used online for up to $300, while they bring between $15 and $20 for scrap.


Letters for money owed are documents that someone who is owed money provides to the individual who owes the money. The letters state that if the money is not paid within a certain time frame, the person who is owed money will take the matter to court, notes FindLaw