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Define lens of the eye. lens of the eye synonyms, lens of the eye pronunciation, lens of the eye translation, English dictionary definition of lens of the eye. ... lens of the eye; lens opacity; lens opacity; lens opacity; Lens Organ Culture/Hydrogen Peroxide; lens panel; lens pit; lens pit; lens pit; lens pit; lens pit; lens pits; lens placode;


The lens is located in the eye. By changing its shape, the lens changes the focal distance of the eye. In other words, it focuses the light rays that pass through it (and onto the retina) in order ...


Lens definition is - a piece of transparent material (such as glass) that has two opposite regular surfaces either both curved or one curved and the other plane and that is used either singly or combined in an optical instrument for forming an image by focusing rays of light. How to use lens in a sentence.


Eye lens definition, the lens of an eyepiece closest to the eye. See more.


The lens is part of the anterior segment of the human eye. In front of the lens is the iris, which regulates the amount of light entering into the eye. The lens is suspended in place by the suspensory ligament of the lens, a ring of fibrous tissue that attaches to the lens at its equator and connects it to the

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Eye lens definition is - the lens nearest the eye in an eyepiece. the lens nearest the eye in an eyepiece… See the full definition. SINCE 1828. Menu. JOIN MWU Gain access to thousands of additional definitions and advanced search features—ad free! JOIN NOW. GAMES;


Lens definition, a piece of transparent substance, usually glass, having two opposite surfaces either both curved or one curved and one plane, used in an optical device in changing the convergence of light rays, as for magnification, or in correcting defects of vision. See more.


The lens of the eye focuses light and allows you to see. In this lesson, you will learn what the lens is made of and how it changes shape so that...


lens [lenz] 1. a piece of glass or other transparent material so shaped as to converge or scatter light rays. See also glasses. 2. the transparent, biconvex body separating the posterior chamber and the vitreous body of the eye; it refracts (bends) light rays so that they are focused on the retina. Called also crystalline lens. In order for the eye to ...


Wear eye protection when playing racquetball, hockey, skiing, or other sports that could injure your eyes. Wear sunglasses. Too much light can damage your eyes and cause vision problems later in life. For instance, a lens could get cloudy, causing a cataract. A cataract prevents light from reaching the retina and makes it difficult to see.