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D-Day's major effect on was to open a new front in the European war. This forced Germany to fight the Russians on one front and the Americans and British on the other. As with World War I, Germany was not able to fight a war on two fronts successfully.


Shadows change length throughout the day because the angle at which the sun shines on stationary objects changes with the Earth’s rotation. For example, early in the morning, when the sun is near the horizon, it casts long shadows when an object blocks the light. Conversely, when the sun is high ove


The length of days and nights are approximately 12 hours each in areas located on the equator. The equator is an imaginary line that runs around the Earth at 0 degrees latitude. It separates the planet into the North and South Hemispheres.


The length of a day on Jupiter is 9 hours and 56 minutes. Jupiter rotates the fastest of all the planets in the solar system.


A day on Saturn is 10.7 hours, and a year is equivalent to 29 Earth years or 10,832 days. The length of the day is calculated from the planet's rotational speed, while scientists determine the length of a year by observing Saturn's orbit.


"Opposite Day" is not an officially recognized holiday. There are some references to "Opposite Day" being on January 25. Generally, "Opposite Day" is simply declared on any day, and it begins whenever the starter says so.


Labor Day occurs on the first Monday of September, regardless of the date. The first Labor Day was initially celebrated on a Tuesday, on Sept. 5, 1882, by a labor union in New York City. On June 28, 1894, Congress passed an act declaring Labor Day a national holiday.


According to the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA), Pluto's day is the equivalent of 6.39 Earth days. That means it takes Pluto 153.36 hours to make a full rotation around its own axis.


May the fourth is known as "Star Wars" Day because of the phonetic similarity between that date and the phrase "may the force." In the "Star Wars" media franchise, the saying "may the Force be with you" has special significance relating to that franchise's mythology.


Veterans Day is an American federal holiday celebrated each year on November eleventh. The day honors those who have served in the United States military.